Good Finance is on a mission to help charities and social enterprises navigate the world of social investment.  Social investment is the use of repayable finance to help an organisation achieve a social purpose.  Learn more at

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People value face to face interactions when making important decisions. Below are concepts for new 'offline' services Good Finance could offer. These offline services would give charities and social enterprises more choice, better tailored to their needs.

Score how useful each concept would be for you out of 10.

Investor speed dating *

An event featuring short bookable time windows with investors to build new relationships, understand your readiness and fit.
Pitch Days *

Pitch your idea next to companies like you to a roomful of relevant investors.
Social investment clinics *

Short advice sessions with investors, advisors and peers who will listen and signpost you to the right support.
Account manager *

A dedicated team of investment experts who understand your business needs and send you tailored advice.
Telephone support *

Knowledgeable people on the end of the phone who listen and can give you on the spot advice.

People need different resources depending on their stage in the investment journey. With the right resources they will be more confident to consider social investment.

Score how useful each concept would be for you out of 10.

Online community forum *

Connecting peers and experts across the world of social investment to share knowledge and advice.
Social investment directory *

An online directory of funds, investors and support. Search, filter and compare by investor topics, motivation, fund size and locality.
Reverse market *

Create a profile and describe your investment needs to a community of potential investors who can get in contact.
Online course *

A structured and accredited online course with video tutorials and exercises to help me learn about social investment.
Online chat support *

A simple chat support service with advisors who can recommend possible investment or support options for me via chat.
Personalised newsletter *

Newsletter content better tailored to me, telling me about events, funds and support programmes in my sector and area.
What sort of content could we offer that would make you open our newsletters every time?

If Good Finance could offer one thing that would really help you understand or access social investment what would it be?

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